International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers

We ride. We camp.


The International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers is a family-oriented, non-brand-specific club composed of a very diverse group of people who have one thing in common: we like to ride and camp. We ride all brands and all styles,  and camp in everything from expensive motorcycle camping trailers to $29 Walmart tents. We tour on big highway bikes, scooters, and everything in between.

Members decide when and where they want to have a campout, and post the details on our web site; they’re also available in our bimonthly newsletter, The Campfire Ring. When the date arrives, people show up. There may be three campers or sixty-three. We have a saying in our club: “It only takes two people to make a campout.” We have campouts planned this year in every corner of the country, and a full three seasons of camping. Our members hold their campouts in campgrounds ranging from the very primitive to those offering full services.

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